Morgan Lidy

Morgan Lidy - Lotus Room Yoga

Morgan Lidy

Morgan has been a yogi for 4 years and an official yoga instructor for 2 years! She loves yoga and the journey yoga has taken her on in finding herself and learning to be happy with who she is and proud of where she is in her life. Morgan loves giving people the opportunity to find a different type of workout, as well as helping them find the joy in their lives and being proud of the little things, even if it’s a small step. She can’t wait to meet all of you and begin your yoga journey together!

Fun Facts about Morgan


Morgan received her 200 hour YTT in 2019 and has been teaching ever since.

Favorite pose & why:

Headstand because I like seeing the world from a different angle!

Favorite way to de-stress:

Hold my new baby boy, Chamberlain, because seeing his face and smile makes all the stress go away!

Favorite essential oils & use:

Lavender or eucalyptus because they are both calming.

When I’m not on my mat or teaching:

I am enjoying my new baby boy and my awesome family!

What yoga has done for me:

Yoga has taught me to breathe and take one thing at a time and that not everyone is perfect--that we are in constant practice in our lives and that one day doesn’t make or break your yoga game, just as one day doesn’t make or break your life. Every day is a new day and a new practice. I’m so grateful to show up to my mat when I can!