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Welcome to our Lotus Room Yoga KULA!

Lotus Room Yoga was created in 2020 by Barbara Schuette amidst the Covid shutdowns. Barbara had a vision, and she was determined to bring her vision to life. Her new studio thrived despite the closures of 2020, mostly due to her strong desire for many years to bring her style of yoga to Effingham and the surrounding community. “I wanted people to know the mental and physical benefits yoga could bring to their lives. If I could wake up in my late 40s pain free and with peace of mind, I knew they could too!”

You may have heard us refer to our Lotus Room “Kula” quite often. Kula is a Sanskrit term meaning family, tribe, community, or clan. Here at Lotus Room Yoga we consider all of you family—our yoga fam.

Our Kula is for yogis who want to deepen their practice mentally, physically + emotionally all within a community of humans doing the same.

Our Kula is a safe space for you to connect + express. We want our yogis to feel welcome, supported and to know that we are all truly “in this sh** together!”

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New Yoga business thrives despite pandemic

It’s always hard to start a small business. But the challenges of starting something new are amplified when it is started in February 2020, just weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic caused lockdowns and business restrictions throughout the country...

By Effingham Daily News on June 6, 2021