Erin Goldstein

Erin Goldstein - Lotus Room Yoga

Erin Goldstein

Erin began teaching in 2019/2020 (“We all know how that went . . .”) After a stint of Zoom & Facebook Live classes and starting back out with several Chair Yoga classes around Effingham, she is eager to get back into a studio and practice on the mat together!

On philosophy, Erin says “Yoga, to me, is not about the cute clothes, or doing a pose that will impress everybody. To me, practicing yoga is a tool to help accept and care for our bodies, to clear the mind and build focus, and to help manage emotions and anxiety. I also really geek out on the science of the mind-body connection.”

Fun Facts about Erin


I am a 200-hr RYT and I love sharing yoga with people of all abilities and levels. After personally practicing yoga in some form or another for almost 20 years, I attended a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Barefoot Freedom Yoga in 2019.

Favorite Pose & Why:

My favorite pose to practice personally is headstand, and I also love Yoga Nidra nap breaks.

Favorite Way to De-Stress:

I love breath work and practicing flows where breath and movement are linked.

Favorite Essential Oils & Use:

I keep a bottle of Eucalyptus oil in my shower, put a few drops in my hands and breathe it in as an at-home spa steam treatment.

When I'm Not On My Mat Or Teaching:

If I'm not on my mat, I'm probably either at my computer doing a million things OR curled up on my couch with my cat, reading or crocheting.

What Yoga Has Done For Me:

I am pretty high-strung, so practicing yoga has helped me tap into deep relaxation, manage anxiety, and to be mentally present on the daily.