Barbara Schuette

Barbara Schuette - Lotus Room Yoga

Barbara Schuette

Lotus Room Yoga was created in 2020 by Barbara Schuette amidst the Pandemic shutdowns. Barbara had a vision and was determined to bring her vision to life. Her new studio thrived despite the closures of 2020 and 2021, mostly due to her strong desire for many years to bring her style of yoga to Effingham and the surrounding community. “I wanted people to know the mental and physical benefits yoga could bring to their lives. If I could wake up in my late 40s pain free and with peace of mind, I knew they could too!”

Barbara’s passion for yoga cannot be denied! She will do whatever it takes to reach and help as many people in the Effingham community and surrounding areas as she possibly can. In fact, that is why she brought this life-changing, self-healing practice to her small community. She knew that This. Would. Change. Lives.

If it helped her to feel so much younger and PAIN FREE, couldn’t others benefit from the practice? Barbara knew that in order to get her message out and show people the possibilities, she would have to walk the walk, so she got into the best shape of her life--yes, just with yoga! It is Barbara’s goal to create a space for her students to find their own inner strength while experiencing the benefits of overall health from this amazing practice.

Fun Facts about Barbara


Barbara completed her 200-hour YTT in 2019 and has her 200 RYT certification with Yoga Alliance, but her “real” training goes back several years as she practiced + learned from the best of the best in the St. Louis area where she worked at the time. Barbara holds a B.S. degree in Education, Training & Development from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale and has worked in the radiology field as an MRI, x-ray, and mammography technologist for the past 33 years.

Favorite pose & why:

Rabbit pose because it is the deepest forward fold in all of yoga and decompresses the intervertebral discs. I’ve gained 1/4th of an inch in height since I began doing yoga!

Favorite way to de-stress:

Other than yoga, running, hiking, and biking, I love spending time with my family and dog, Cinnamon, reading, planning yoga sequences, listening to music, and cooking while enjoying a glass of wine.

Favorite essential oils & use:

Frankincense & myrrh for my face wash and eye cream. If they can help preserve a mummy, surely they can help with wrinkles!

When I’m not on my mat or teaching:

You can find me in my hot tub, walking my dog, making new yoga music playlists on Spotify, or reading.

What yoga has done for me:

Personally yoga has allowed me to follow my passion by opening my heart + mind to things I never thought possible. I physically have very little pain or stiffness as I previously experienced in most of my joints and spine. I avoided surgery by completely curing my carpal tunnel in my left hand with this amazing self-healing practice!