Should I continue practicing with an injury?

Should I continue practicing with an injury? - Lotus Room Yoga

Should I continue practicing with an injury?

By Barbara Schuette on September 29, 2021

So you have a back or knee injury. Running and biking are out for now. What about the Hot 26 yoga series? Should you continue your practice?

Oh my goodness, absolutely, 💯 percent, unequivocally YESSSS! Do not stop practicing! You will heal faster with a continued practice! I have had many injuries (mainly low back, carpal tunnel and currently right knee) and I Never. Skip. A. Day.

The Hot 26 yoga series is a healing yoga. It was designed to heal the mind + the body + the spirit. Due to the nature of the practice and how well it works, it attracts students with all types of physical limitations.

The goal for any student in any posture, injured or not, is to work towards their full range of motion, without pain, and then try to hold it for the duration of the posture. Key words: “their full range of motion.” They may stay right at the top of Fixed Firm pose taking weight maybe into their arms and hands, because we all know, “You can mess with the Gods, but you can’t mess with your knees!”—B.C.

Over time, this is what creates more range of motion and the strength to support it. The simple philosophy of “Try the Right Way” is how all of the healing happens. Once you understand the philosophy that range of motion creates the benefit, anyone can be helped—regardless of limitations!

First step as always: don’t be scared! Skip the sit ups if you have a back injury. Maybe skip the forward bending postures completely—especially for acute herniation. Use a block under the hips in Fixed Firm if the knees are hurting or a block under the hips in Half Tortoise if the ankles have reduced range of motion. Modify, modify, modify!

Backward bending is healing, especially for lower back issues. People with acute back injuries should come to class as soon as possible. The sooner they come to class, the faster they heal!

The beauty of this series is that it’s for EVERY body and ALL-levels! So if you need a block or even a chair next to you, request this from your instructor! I have been known to say, “Try not to use the wall in the balancing series.” I’m wanting you to work on the muscle memory in the standing leg without the “crutch” of the wall. But honestly, after doing some of my research on injuries, I’m going to offer it. If that’s what it takes for someone to realize their fullest potential in the pose, then I believe someday they WILL lose the training wheels (wall or chair) and do this on their own! 🚴 The Hot 26 practice is just that powerful… 💫

And always be mindful of this as you practice, “Form before depth!” If you have limitations or injuries or maybe something else inhibiting the fullest expression of any posture, then give it time—modify—keep practicing—maybe skip the pose all together—and be ready someday to sore like the Eagle you were meant to be. 🦅

Just never give up!


Namaste 🙏