Part 3: Why is this yoga class so f***ing hot?!!

Part 3: Why is this yoga class so f***ing hot?!! - Lotus Room Yoga

Part 3: Why is this yoga class so f***ing hot?!!

By Barbara Schuette on September 2, 2021

“After a hot yoga class I feel like I’ve run a marathon, went to the chiropractor, and had a massage all at once.”—Barbara


So you made it through your first Hot yoga class. It was about 105 degrees Fahrenheit and 40% humidity. After peeling off your wet clothes and hopefully showering, you’re already planning to take your next one! Because chances are, like me, you’re hooked! I remember driving home from my first Hot 26 class and saying to myself, “Why haven’t I done this all of my life?” After all of the torture of the hot chamber, I felt better than I had felt in my entire life. Was I going to do it again? You bet!

The sweat of a Hot yoga session is distinct from the sweat of any other exercise session. Not to sound all disgusting and explicit about it, but everyone who performs an especially fast-paced hot yoga session understands that you hit a stage where sweat literally pours out of the body. The first time my daughter attended a Hot 26 class with me in Phoenix, she said she literally saw the sweat coming out of the pours of her knees—now that’s hot!

While this may feel disconcerting and generally icky to hot yoga novices, it’s something that many experienced yogis are eager to do. Why? It could be due to the detoxification process. The heat and increased energy intake allow you to sweat a ton! 💦💦 When you sweat, you minimize water retention and shed a long list of toxins, chemicals, and other harmful substances that shouldn’t be in your body.

Your body is designed to adjust to the heat. The heat in the room helps bring oxygen into your body to warm your muscles, ligaments, and tendons. If you try to stretch when you’re cold, it doesn’t work. You would never hammer cold steel if you’re trying to make a sword. The heat helps you to move. It also helps to work deeper, safely.

3 reasons for the heat:

1. Helps you heal.

2. Prevents injuries.

3. Makes your body operate more efficiently.

Sweating is good for you!

During your first class, the heat is usually a significant distraction, but over time you will begin to love the heat. The focus you develop by practicing in the hot room strengthens your discipline, your determination, and your power of concentration. Think of it as mental strength training!

Plus, newer studies show that being in the heat like a sauna, but not, can also help improve your sense of well-being and can even alleviate depression.

We have so many members right now who will tell you how much better and healthier they feel after taking a Hot 26 class. The best part is that your body adapts to the heat after only 7-14 days of practice. In fact, many of our members practice from home or while on the road and use a space heater to create a similar “in studio” experience! Now that’s dedication!

**Remember, you need a yoga towel for your yoga mat to prevent slippage. When we are pouring sweat we literally create a slip-n-slide and increase risk of injury. A towel to absorb all of those drips is mandatory in most hot yoga studios!

Sweat on everyone!