Part 2A: What are the benefits of the Hot 26 yoga series?

Part 2A: What are the benefits of the Hot 26 yoga series? - Lotus Room Yoga

Part 2A: What are the benefits of the Hot 26 yoga series?

By Barbara Schuette on August 21, 2021

Living pain free isn’t a dream! One of the most common phrases I hear after taking a few of our yoga classes is, “My pain is gone!”

Wow. “My pain is gone.” I have said this for years, but when I began sharing this practice with others and they actually said it to me—wow! The motto for the Hot 26 series is “Healthy Spine=Healthy Life.” I used to hear my mentors repeat this in class, especially during the spine strengthening series. A “Strong Spine=Healthy Spine” and “A healthy spine bends in all directions.” It does seem that so many things “healthy” stem from our backbone--the house don't fall when the bones are good!

We use our spines in everything we do AND we abuse our spines in many ways. We are usually headed in one direction with our spines in our daily lives, and that is forward—driving, on the phone, hunched over a computer, picking up the laundry, picking up the kids—you get the idea. The Hot 26 yoga series is a series of “counterposes to life.” Not only do we bend forward, but we bend sideways, obliquely and backwards throughout the series. The entire series is designed to flush toxins out of the spine and to strengthen the spine.

But the modern day miracle of sequential poses in this series is not only beneficial for our spines. We flush toxins out of our joints and internal organs—like a dish cloth! What??

Our practice is composed of Hatha postures. When I was moving back to Effingham from St. Louis a few years ago, and I knew the Hot 26 was no longer going to be available to me, my instructor, Charles, told me to find a studio that had a Hatha Yoga class.

Hmm 🤔 what is Hatha yoga?

There are many varying definitions of the practice, but the one that has stuck with me is that we hold our poses for 20-40 seconds, repeat on the other side, and then do another set. So it’s a slower paced, static yoga practice with mindfulness incorporated into every pose, thus the phrase, “moving meditation.” We focus on our breath as we hold our poses and have our moving meditation. One truly forgets the “to-do lists” and the “checklists” because you are so focused on the instructor’s words (the dialogue) and getting in to and out of the poses.

But don’t let the slower pace of the Hot 26 yoga series fool you. By no means does that make it easier than other forms of yoga, especially with the element of the heat (remember hot is in the title!) I call it INTERVAL TRAINING YOGA! We get the heart rate up in to the target zone, and then we rest between postures—but not for long!

This yoga series is designed for everyone—first time students and experienced practitioners alike! Each posture stretches and strengthens specific muscles, ligaments, and joints stimulating the organs, glands, and nerves to move fresh oxygenated blood to 100% of the body. We compress + grip + squeeze + effectively put tourniquets on our joints sending fresh synovial fluid to them upon the release of the pose—no knee replacements for us!!!

With regular practice, the Hot 26 series improves health, increases energy, helps prevent illness and injury, and limits the effects of aging. As a physical challenge, this yoga changes the body’s shape, helping you to develop muscle tone and lose inches. As a mental challenge, this yoga combines the skills of concentration, patience, and self-control to improve mental clarity and reduce stress.

Notice the feeling of euphoria and pure peace as you drive home from a Hot 26 class—did you forget to turn on the radio or check your phone?!! Yes!!!

It’s a life-changer—try it and see the change in yours!

Namaste 🙏

Pictured above: Barbara ~ Age: 52 in Half Moon Pose (#1 of the Hot 26 poses)

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