Is Kundalini Yoga Right For Me?

Is Kundalini Yoga Right For Me? - Lotus Room Yoga

Is Kundalini Yoga Right For Me?

By Barbara Schuette on June 29, 2022

Ever wondered if Kundalini Yoga would be right for you? I asked myself that question when I contemplated giving this unique yoga style a try. I thought it would be too easy, being a gal who likes to get her workout and stretch on at the same time during my yoga practice!

What I discovered in my Kundalini journey couldn’t be further from the truth. Ask me to do 108 Sun Salutations or 108 chaturangas in a row in 95 degree heat, no problem. Ask me to hold my arms above my head statically at a 45-degree angle while practicing Breath of Fire for 5 minutes, and I was falling apart! My mind was telling me to give up and tap out! 

Kundalini will push all of your buttons and take you into a state of greater awareness. The mental strength and laser focus I have developed while learning and practicing Kundalini Yoga have helped me in many other areas of my life.

Kundalini Yoga is often referred to as the yoga of awareness. It is a powerful meditation practice that combines mantras, mudras, breath work, and movement. This practice elevates our consciousness and helps guide us in our thoughts, actions, and decisions. If we can control our thoughts, we can create our reality!

Kundalini taps into our nervous system—it slows down our parasympathetic system, so that we can be in a more calm and grounded state, and when we calm our nervous system, we calm every system in the body: our digestive, our circulatory, our cardiovascular, our endocrine, our respiratory, our lymphatic—the list goes on. We have this impact on every system of the body as we tune in to our Kundalini energy.

Through this practice, we peel ourselves apart like an onion. Kundalini brings awareness to things that are holding us back. It helps us have more awareness over what we’re thinking—our thoughts and beliefs. We’re basically able to start calling ourselves out on our own BS. Like “Oh, Barbara that’s a thought of fear. That's a limiting belief. That’s gonna hold you back if you keep thinking like that. Why don’t you think this way instead?” Peeling ourselves back like an onion. Freeing ourselves to be comfortable in our own skin…at home within ourselves and so aligned to our highest self.

This is a true transformation of the subtle body. You will not only tune in, but you will tone the muscles of the body and get an amazing workout! It will improve your overall well-being, your digestion, and look out arms & abs!!! Believe me, you are not sacrificing your workout in Kundalini!

When you begin to live your life authentically, your life and way of being become the example that guides others. Kundalini Yoga reminds us of the power we have always had within us—it just helps us to access it.

Give this new style of yoga a try! Remember to just breathe. Everything else is optional.

Sat Nam Yogis!