15 Minutes to a Better Day

15 Minutes to a Better Day - Lotus Room Yoga

15 Minutes to a Better Day

By Barbara Schuette on June 9, 2022

THE 5 – 5 – 5 PRACTICE

Practicing a consistent morning routine can be transformative for your life.  When I get off track and neglect my a.m. routine, my mood and mental health suffer.  But, when I unfailingly stick to my morning routine my mindset is better, I am more resilient and I get more done.  15 minutes can make the difference between having a good day and a challenging day.  It’s a real game changer!


  • Write it down

    • The simple act of writing something down makes it more important to your brain – you will remember it better

    • It’s nice to be able to look back later  and see patterns or remember special times

  • 3 things is enough

    • Sometimes 3 things to be grateful for come really quickly other times it takes a moment.  Either way 3 is enough to highlight per day.  

  • Think both big and small

    • I am eternally grateful for my family and friends but I’m also really grateful for hot coffee and pens that write smoothly – it all counts

    • When I do express gratitude for a special person in my life, I try to be specific.  On one Saturday in December, I noted that I was grateful for pancakes with my grandson Wes <3

  • You will start noticing things that you are grateful for throughout your day

    • Practicing gratitude will become second nature

    • Seeing how much good there is in your life will become abundantly clear

  • Need help getting started? Click the download button below for a free printable gratitude starter worksheet!



  • Focus on connecting your breath to your movement for ultimate impact

  • Let your body fully express the pose before moving on – take your time.

  • A little goes a long way

  • For full descriptions of these yoga sequences and poses check out these blog posts


  • Relax but sit with a straight back or simply lay down

  • A cushion or stool is really nice – comfort is key

  • Make your space welcoming and relaxing 

    • My meditation space, the yoga den, is the warmest room in the house.  I’m pretty much always cold, so this is important to me

    • I frequently burn incense or candles while I meditate.  The smell and the sound help me to relax more fully.  

  • Focus on your breath 

    • Sometimes I simply count; 1 inhale, 2 exhale, 3 inhale and so on

    • Other times I focus on inhaling an attribute I want, like confidence, and exhaling something I do not want, like fear – inhale confidence, exhale fear

  • There’s an app for that! My favorite is Calm

  • Interested in guided meditation? Tune into our YouTube channel – Finding Your Own

This 5 – 5 – 5 Practice has really helped me to start my day on a positive note and carry that positivity with me throughout the day.  Try spending 15 minutes of your morning tuning into your mind and body and see what it does for you.

Thank you for reading!

Vicki Funneman

Find this beauty and her lovely daughter, Shelby Funneman, on their website: https://findingyourown.com/15-minutes-to-a-better-day/

Also, check out her 5 Minute Daily Journal on Amazon or available at the studio for only $9.99!

5 Minute Daily Journal

We love Miss Vicki and appreciate all she contributes to our small yoga Kula!